The famous Thin Mint Girl Scout treat is getting a sister. Like Thin Mints, the new Raspberry Rally treat is a meager,

 fresh treat dunked in chocolate. However, rather than mint, it's injected with raspberry flavor. What's more, the new treat has a wind

Unlike different flavors, Raspberry Rally will be accessible for online deal and direct shipment as it were.

That implies that the scouts you know will not have Raspberry Rally treats at face to face stalls or on their treat requesting

 sheets. You'll in any case have the option to arrange this flavor, yet a Girl Scout should give you the URL

for their Digital Cookie website page. Don't have the foggiest idea about a scout? You can likewise arrange it through

a public request site page, starting in February 2023. (146 days to go as of press time, as indicated by the Raspberry

As the photograph beneath shows, the scouts might not have boxes of the treat at their deals corners, however

they will have huge signs promoting the online-just cookie. Girl Scout Cookie season is from January through

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