After Sebastian Vettel put F1's senseless season once more into high gear on Thursday by declaring his retirement

his kindred title holder Fernando Alonso crushed it into overdrive when he did an arrangement with very

with very rich person Lawrence Stroll on Saturday night in Hungary to join Aston Martin for 2023.

It surprised Alpine. They were confident the Spaniard would remain on for a third season yet they were not ready

 to offer him a straight two-year bargain. The best was a one-year with a choice. Alonso

Alonso needed greater dependability, as he accepted he merited it, so he took the Aston Martin bargain.

The primary Alpine Team Principal Otmar Szafnauer knew about it was the point at which he saw the Aston

Martin public statement on Monday declaring the Spaniard on a long term bargain. This left

Alpine with a vacant seat close by Esteban Ocon, who is contracted for the rest of 2024, for next season.

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