The arranged reactor would be an up to 1 MWt, graphite-directed, fluoride salt streaming liquid (fuel broke up in the salt)

 research reactor. The MSRR will be utilized for nearby atomic examination and preparing amazing open doors for 

 workforce, staff and understudies in cutting edge atomic advancements. The reactor will altogether grow

the college's salt reactor innovative work foundation, supporting US liquid salt reactor plan, improvement, arrangement

In March 2020, ACU submitted to the NRC a Letter of Intent to apply for a development grant for a non-power liquid salt

 reactor. In July 2020, it presented a Regulatory Engagement Plan connected with this undertaking.

ACU has now presented its development permit application - including a Preliminary Safety Analysis Report (PSAR)

As per ACU, the move addresses the primary application for another US research reactor of any sort in over 30 years,

The NRC will currently lead an acknowledgment survey to decide whether ACU's application is finished. It will then foster a survey 

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