One of the officials over and over smacks the man directly in the face and slams his head against the asphalt.

State police said the man had been blamed for conveying intimidations in a shop prior on Sunday morning.

Each of the three officials have been eliminated from deployment ready on paid leave forthcoming an examination

Police said that when officials stood up to the suspect, 27-year-old Randall Worcester, he pushed a delegate to the ground 

delegate to the ground and punched the rear of his head, prompting the capture found in the video.

Mr Worcester, who was taken to medical clinic, faces terroristic undermining, opposing capture, criminal trespass

criminal underhandedness and attack charges, police said.A video of the capture seems to show one official beating 

the suspect while another over and again knees him toward the back. Both are wearing the uniform

The suspect covers his head with his hands and has all the earmarks of being attempting to move up into a ball

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