The BMW M5 Competition Edition is all-wheel-drive and powered by a twin-turbo V8 engine of 4.4L that produces 616 HP

(625 PS) as well as 750 Nm (553 Lb-ft). It is 305 kg (672 lbs) lighter than the R8 at 1,895 kg (4177lbs), but it weighs only

1,590 kg (3.505 lbs). As you'll see, the difference in weight won't have any impact on drag strip performance

Revving the engines will reveal a common trait between both cars, which is a soft limiter. However, neither car sounds bad.

Both cars have launch control but the M5 was quicker than the R8. The R8 struggled to catch up, and ultimately lost the race.

struggled to catch up, and ultimately lost the race. It was also possible that the Bimmer's additional torque played a part in this.

However, the battle was not over on the second attempt, when the two beasts were neck-and-neck. Mat's quick reflexes allowed

him to launch the R8 straight towards victory, though it wasn't an easy win as the M5 would not give up without a fight.

The decisive was also close. Both cars crossed the quarter-mile mark at 11.3 seconds each, with the R8 just snatching victory.

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