BRASILIA, Aug 9 (Reuters) - Brazil's national bank said on Tuesday its expansion estimate for the a year to March 2024 is in

accordance with its approach methodology, showing all the more firmly that its forceful financial strategy cycle might have reached a conclusion.

In the minutes from its last arrangement meeting, policymakers said the 3.5% projection "is reliable with the methodology of

is reliable with the methodology of expansion assembly to around the objective over the applicable skyline."

The national bank started underscoring its year expansion figure through March 2024 in its strategy proclamation last week, while

strategy proclamation last week, while recognizing that its expansion projection for the following year had declined.

The authority expansion target is 3.25% in 2023 and 3% in 2024, with current national bank gauges at 4.6% and 2.7%, separately.

The Committee chose to stress the projections for year expansion in the principal quarter of 2024, which mirrors the significant

skyline, smoothens out the essential impacts from charge changes, yet consolidates their second-round consequences for

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