Many airlines have either cancelled or diverted flights that were scheduled to travel to Taipei located in Taiwan

The airlines' decision comes as a way to stay out of the airspace surrounding Taipei as well as Chinese military

exercises which were launched following Nancy Pelosi, U.S. House of Representatives Speaker's visit to Taiwan

Additionally, China has deployed multiple aircrafts in the Taiwan Strait and fired live missiles close to Taiwan in the

course of the largest-ever exercises within Taiwan. Taiwan Strait. While the affected airspace is not huge

the disruption caused by the military exercise is affecting flights that connect Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia.

Airspace closures for temporary periods and routing changes in major exercises happen frequently around the globe.

This is a unique situation in the sense that China's exercise cuts across Taiwan's twelve nautical miles (22 kilometers)

in territorial waters. This is something Taiwanese officials believe is a violation of the international system and

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