Chromebook I kind of forgot I had an app launcher on my Chromebook and here’s why that’s a problem this is chrome.


Chromebook I can’t tell you the last time that I used my Chromebook’s app launcher to well, launch an app.

Chromebook I mean, that’s not entirely true. I do use it to search for an app via typing and then tapping the result to open standalone PWAs,

Chromebook but what I really mean is that I have no clue when I last scrolled through the list of apps in order to select one manually, and I have several reasons for that.

Chromebook First and foremost, I’ve lived much of my ChromeOS life in Canary mode, so I’ve trained myself not to rely on something that’s always

Chromebook Going through changes or that is consistently busted, and the launcher has qualified as all of these things quite often over the past few years.

Chromebook Second, and probably more importantly, the synchronization of apps in the launcher has been laughably unreliable for longer than I can recall

Chromebook I’ve written about this quite a bit in the past, especially when I gave my wishlist of vital changes it needed to apply in order to be worth using.

Chromebook While I’m happy to report that many things from that list have already been taken and implemented as feedback thanks to the development team

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