One headline number from Disney's Q2 results on on Wednesday was an impressive achievement which was that the

that the Mouse House had 221.1 million total subscriptions in its four streaming channels (Disney+, Disney+ Hotstar, Hulu

and ESPN+). Based on that metric alone it means Disney is currently one step ahead of Netflix in Q2, which closed the quarter

However, the value of these subscriber bases is different. In the United States, for instance, Disney+ generated about 39%

more revenue per subscriber than Netflix in the second quarter of the year the measure is known in the world of finance by the acronym

ARPU (average revenue per user). In the world, the contrast is more stark: Disney+ Hotstar, that is offered in India as well as additional

Southeast Asian countries -- and accounts for just 38% of Disney+ customer base -it had An ARPU as high as $1.20/month for the

period that ending on July 2, whereas Netflix was able to earn its ARPU as high as $8.83/month in its Asia Pacific region.

$1.20/month for the quarter ended July 2, while Netflix had an ARPU of $8.83/month for the Asia Pacific region.

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