The U.S. dollar rose across the spectrum on Monday, pushing the euro to a level below par in the wake of investors turning 

away from riskier investments amid rising fears that interest rate increases across both the United States and Europe

United States and Europe, in the hope of reducing inflation, will hurt the global economy.

In comparison to an array of currencies it rose 0.8 percent to hit a greater than five-week record high of 109.02 close to the two-decade

five-week record high of 109.02 close to the two-decade high of 109.29 that was reached in the middle of July.

The greenback has seen some its support during recent sessions, even since a variety of Federal Reserve officials reiterated an aggressive

tightening of the monetary system prior to this week's Fed's Jackson Hole, Wyoming, conference this week.

The most recent of these officials, Richmond Fed President Thomas Barkin on Friday, said"the "urge" among central bankers was

It's risk being taken off the table after the market got a reality check from last week's Fed speakers that an imminent dovish

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