On August fifteenth, 2022, Nasdaq recorded crypto monetary administrations firm - EQONEX reported leaving the

the crypto trade administrations space. The organization enjoyed resource the board and authority organizations

like administrations. In 2020, EQONEX sent off their crypto trade benefits that they presently chose to close down.

Official site of EQONEX expressed exit from trade administrations is their definitive activity towards smoothing out the

organization's tasks. After this, the organization would be more engaged towards their center administrations

of resource the executives and authority. Since they have high capability of development and hold monetary

Chi-Won Yoon - Chairman EQONEX - made sense of the essential needs and expectation of the organization which

which is to bring their only concentration towards their organizations with upper hands. The organization looks towards

 utilizing their customary money with long held skill and experience. Yoon added that the choice of shutting the trade

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