F1 Manager 2022: The Behind the Scenes series closes with a checkered banner and allows you to investigate

Outskirts Developments plc reveals the fourth F1 chief 2022 in the background video of the new well-off programming

authoritatively authorized. F1 Manager 2022 will be accessible for the 30th of August (25th for pre-orders)

25th for pre-orders) in the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Steam and the Epic Games Store.

In the fourth episode of the Behind the Scenes series "Travel to Form", players will meet lead mocap Specialist

 Tina Nischan and lead artist Tim West while they work to rejuvenate the enclosure. They make a credible F1 experience

They make a credible F1 experience, made by F1 director 2022, making consistent with life experience.

Players will remain at the studio on a day and experience the delight of F1 with dazzling movement catch

 innovation. From the occasions of the occasion on the platform to the response to the outcomes after a fruitful overwhelm

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