Bloomberg first reported that the pandemic hit ePizza SpA, a franchise holder.

Since its launch in 2015, Domino's has struggled to win customers back in the birthplace for pizza.

Some social media users celebrated the news of the exit of the fast-food giant from the country.

EPizza SpA filed for bankruptcy first in April, after being impacted by coronavirus restrictions.The company stated

that the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as subsequent and longer-lasting financial restrictions, had severely damaged ePizza.

According to the company, it was also facing increasing competition from delivery apps being used by traditional restaurants.

The firm was granted protection by its creditors for a period of 90 days as part of the bankruptcy proceedings.

It was already scaling back its business since 2020 when it reached its peak, and deliveries were stopped

According to bankruptcy papers, 23 of the outlets were managed by the company in Italy, while six additional stores

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