Fortnite and Destiny 2 are apparently getting over with one another, meaning the two games will get skins

and content from the other title. Both Fortnite and Destiny 2 are probably the greatest live help games out there.

 Games has been supporting Fortnite with gigantic new satisfied drops consistently from

skins to fantastic scope occasions that upset the whole way the game is seen. A truly special encounter and

one has kept on developing for a portion of 10 years. Bungie was one of the principal designers in the control

center space to really envision a cutting edge live help game, as Destiny was supposed to have a 

long term plan", however it sort of disintegrated when the engineer made Destiny 2 which might be more

So, the two progressive games will apparently be getting over with one another. As per GinsorKR on Twitter,

some Fortnite skins were tracked down in Destiny 2. They're entirely cool looking skins, however it's muddled

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