God of War Ragnarokleaks have begun to appear on the internet. However, nothing substantial has been published yet.

God of War Ragnarok is one of the most anticipated 2022 games. It has been a long time coming as Sony first

announced it in 2020, right before the PlayStation 5's launch. It was originally expected to be released in 2021 by the platform

holder. However, it was delayed to 2022, much to everyone's surprise. It's now confirmed to be released in November

and Kratos fans are excited to see the next chapter in their story. It seems that spoilers and leaks could be appearing on the internet.

Dusk Golem, a Twitter user and an insider, revealed that they had been given information about God Of War Ragnarok's story

as well as other tidbits. Reddit was the place they took to share a concept of Odin's appearance. However, they said they

wouldn't post any further information as they don’t want to spoil anything. The first person to say they have information

about God of War Ragnarok is Nick Baker. Despite this, some people may not mind spoiling the game, as some information

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