Scaled down endurance game Grounded doesn't have devoted servers, however the most recent update presented

for public testing contains another element that will help. It's classified "Shared Worlds", and it permits Grounded

universes to be put away in the cloud so anybody that world is imparted to can have the game.

Beforehand, players would make what's currently alluded to as a "Standard World". In a Standard World, the maker

of that world is its proprietor and host, and they welcome companions in to play with them. At the point when the

proprietor of a world goes disconnected, the world goes disconnected with them.With a Shared World,

one of different players can now re-have the world while the first proprietor is disconnected, so people can play

headway made in that world is then synchronized, so the following individual who has it - whether an alternate

whether an alternate player or the first proprietor once more - can carry on from its most evolved state.

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