US National Security Council coordinator John Kirby on Monday said that US Speaker Nancy Pelosi has not

yet confirmed her plans for a trip in Taiwan as of yet, however she is entitled to travel to Taiwan as well

"If she does go, it's unprecedented, it's not something new," Kirby said adding, "The Speaker has not announced

announced any travel plans, and it's the responsibility of the Speaker to make such a decision as well as the staff."

The Speaker is entitled to travel to Taiwan...We will not be making any comments or speculations about the places

According to reports from the media according to reports, media reports suggest that the US House .

Speaker is expected to arrive in Taiwan on August 2nd and have a meeting together with Taiwanese president

Pelosi will be visiting Taiwan and will hold scheduled talks with officials of the government at Taiwan,

a self-governing island that China is threatening to take over according to reports in the media earlier

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