In iOS 16, the Home application has gone through a makeover with an accentuation on clear route and upgraded

 upgraded controls. This is what's happening. Apple never really adjusted how the Home

 the Home application collaborated with shrewd home gadgets as it extended its help for other gadget sorts.

If extra contraptions, situations, and rooms were added, client homes would grow and quickly become

testing to keep up with. With an entirely different Home application planned explicitly for overseeing sizable

groupings of gadgets, this has at long last been tended to in iOS 16. Everything about dealing with the extras in

extras in your home can now be found on the Home page and the Rooms region has been taken out.

At the point when you send off the Home application interestingly, Home View shows up. Also, you might go there

Your HomeKit home's all's controllable contraptions are shown in Home View in the request for Rooms

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