At the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham on Sunday, Pakistan's Arshad Nadeem won the lance toss gold and

 underlined his status as a top notch competitor. With his work of 90.18 m, Nadeem crossed a boundary that even

India's Olympic gold medalist Neeraj Chopra hasn't. While Chopra missed these Games in light of injury, before very long

the sound on-field contention between the two companions is supposed to heighten - both egging the other to

While heading to the gold, Arshad Nadeem broke the record and, surprisingly, pushed the World Championship gold

 gold medalist Grenada's Anderson Peters, who tossed 88.64 m, to the subsequent spot.

The town of Mian Channu in Pakistan's Punjab kept awake until late to get the notable event. His dad Muhammad

Ashraf, a bricklayer by calling, regardless of the inconvenient time was alert to observe the greatest snapshot

Nadeem taking up spear toss had a ton to do with his dad's energy for Pakistan's exceptionally well known country

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