The Big Mac is losing the hamburger for a chicken patty as a poultry rendition of the notorious burger makes a big

 big appearance not long from now in Florida after a fruitful preliminary in Britain, McDonald's affirms.

First revealed by the Washington Post, Chicago-based McDonald's arrangements to test a chicken Big Mac temporarily

We're continuously hoping to give our fans more ways of partaking in the exemplary menu things they know and love

 things they know and love," the cheap food chain told CBS MoneyWatch on Friday in an explanation.

McDonald's CEO Chris Kempczinski last month referred to chicken as "a need region" for the organization on its second

McDonald's has previously tried its chicken Big Mac in the U.K., where it was accessible until March 15, as per the organization's 

U.S. site. English purchasers gave the item — two fresh tempura chicken patties, sauce, pickles, destroyed lettuce and

McDonald's likewise implies that the new sandwich may ultimately be accessible external the Sunshine State.

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