The Ashura, which is the 10th Muharram corresponding to August 9, will see traffic diversions implemented by the

diversions implemented by the Hyderabad Traffic Police in response to the Bibi Ka Alawa procession.

Vehicles are not allowed to travel towards Bibi Ka Alawa at Sunargalli T Junction. Instead, they will be diverted towards

Dabeerpura Darwaza or Ganga Nagar Nala on the Yakutpura side. Similar to Shaik Faiz Kaman, no vehicles

are allowed. They will be diverted to Jabbar Hotel towards Chanchalguda or Dabeerpura Darwaza. Vehicles leaving Etebaar

Chowk towards Bada Bazar will not be permitted. Instead, they will be diverted to Etebaar Chowk towards Kotla Alija

Traffic from Purani Haveli towards Etebaar Chowk will be prohibited once the procession has reached Ganga

Nagar Nala. Purani Haveli will allow vehicles to be diverted towards Chatta Bazaar and SJ Rotary. Later on, traffic

from Moghalpura and Volta Hotel won't be allowed to travel towards Etebaar Chowk. Instead, it will be diverted

इस तरह की  तमाम खबरों के लिए हमारे वेबसाइट पर जरूर विजिट करे