NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has chosen Microchip Technology Inc. to plan and foster another High-

-Performance Spaceflight Computing (HPSC) processor for future lunar and planetary investigation missions.

Micro processor is being granted a $50 million firm-fixed-value agreement to "engineer, plan, and deliver(Opens

 in another window)" the new processor throughout the following three years. The objective is to create a chip

with 100x the computational limit of the spaceflight PCs NASA depends on today, while simultaneously offering huge

while simultaneously offering huge upgrades in dependability and adaptation to non-critical failure.

As Wesley Powell, NASA's main technologist for cutting edge flying, brings up, "Our ongoing spaceflight PCs were grown

 very nearly a long time back." The current innovation was likewise intended to "address the most computationally-concentrated

aspect of a mission," which prompted failures through overdesign. For instance, power proficiency can

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