Aurora Borealis could appear much farther south this evening, tomorrow, and Friday, maybe even close to you.

A geomagnetic situation is unfolding, and it could shape auroras over pieces of Canada and the northern pieces

of the mainland United States. Oregon, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and New York could all see shining skies after sunset.

 It's the result of some new uncommon and strange weather conditions in space.NOAA's Space Weather Prediction

Center (indeed, that is a thing) gave a geomagnetic storm watch from August 17 to August 19 "because of

coronal fast stream (CH HSS) and coronal mass launch (CME) impacts" with the possibility to heighten to G3 conditions.

This all started a couple of days prior, 93 million miles away, on the sun. A coronal mass discharge (CME) is an enormous

eruption of charged plasma from the sun's crown, its furthest layer. Researchers as of late recognized two of these

of these CMEs ejecting on the sun and making a beeline for Earth. They're supposed to show up on August 18.

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