After an ups and downs and a downturn in the stock market, Nvidia shares Nvidia ( NVDA 5.92 percent) finally turned higher

on Wednesday, increasing up to 6 percent. After the market had closed at 5:00 pm, shares were still in the green by 5.9

There's no doubt that the general bullish trend in markets has contributed to its growth however, a unique catalyst

may have contributed to raise shares In the first instance, the company that makes semiconductors promised employees

makes semiconductors promised employees that it would not make any drastic changes after its tough quarter.

The uncertainty in the economy that has affected corporations across the globe has led to a surge of slowing hiring,

job cuts and eliminations. The reports of reduced headcounts are generally coupled with a drop in price of stock

for the company concerned, as they are seen as warning signs of the future's wrath. Not so for Nvidia.

The CEO Jensen Huang has sought to resolve the concerns of Nvidia employees. In what appears as a leak of a email

इस तरह की  तमाम खबरों के लिए हमारे वेबसाइट पर जरूर विजिट करे