A 27-year-old US resident remaining here supposedly organized her own capturing after

she hit a financial dead end trying to blackmail cash from her parents

The lady, distinguished as Chloe Mclaughlin, had come to Delhi on May 3

She is an alum from a college in the US and her dad, who lives in Washington DC, is an ex-armed force official, they said

Police expressed that on July 7, Mclaughlin considered her mom and said that she was in an "hazardous climate" and was being attacked and beaten by a man known to her.

Her mom moved toward the experts in India, and the US Embassy sent the make a difference to New Delhi District police.

yet not long before her mom could get some more data about her, a man went into the room and their call was stopped.

The United States Embassy guessed that the lady was either crippled or was being kept from reaching her family or Embassy,

She had come to India to remain with Okoro whom she had gotten to know on Facebook prior to coming here.

Lawful move is being made against both for outstaying in India without a substantial identification and visa, police said.

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