Perusers examine their number one computer game contentions, from the times of the SNES versus Uber Drive straight 

The subject during the current week's Hot Topic was proposed by peruser Cranston, who asked what's the most put

you've at any point been in a control center conflict? Which age did you become the most energetic about and 

The 16-bit fight between Mega Drive and SNES will constantly be the authoritative control center conflict yet bounty

others have stuck in perusers minds, from the 8-cycle PC wars straight up to the present day.

Growing up as a little fellow in the right on time to mid-90s, I had two dear companions. We shared many interests

 including football, WWF Wrestling as it was then known, eating Mars bars and each kind of jawbeakers (albeit not simultaneously!)

having water-battles throughout the late spring with our Super Soakers and, eventually, playing computer games.

The vitally two control center in play during that time were the Super Nintendo (SNES) and the Sega Mega Drive.

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