TikTok has seen a new movement emerge, which is inspiring young workers while baffled bosses. "Quiet Quitting", a hashtag with

over 3.9million views on TikTok has nothing to do w/ people quitting their jobs. The movement is designed to

reduce overachieving work habits that "quiet quitters," who claim can lead to burnout. Paige West, 24, told The Wall Street Journal

that she took a step back and stated, "I'm going to work the hours that I'm supposed work, that my wages are really being paid

that my wages are really being paid." "Besides that, there's no way I'm going to do anything extra."

According to The Wall Street Journal, West lost her hair because of stress in her previous

They aren't chasing hustle culture at their jobs. In a TikTok video, Allison Peck from TikTok said that essentially they are doing what

they're paid for. Although many Gen Z professionals and older professionals embrace the movement, not all are on board

even career coaches. Kelsey Wat, TikToker's career coach, shared her concerns regarding quiet quitting in video form

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